By Families for families

The 1st inaugural Now & Next Alumni Conference 2017 by families for families was held on the 15th of April 2017. Brought to you as a collaboration between Plumtree and Now & Next

The conference provided a unique opportunity to reinvigorate our vision, challenge our thinking and be inspired and informed to create a better future for our children, our families and ourselves.

The Parent-Professional
Relationship Statement

During this inaugural conference, entitled ‘By Families, For Families, ’ something groundbreaking transpired, something both profoundly significant and genuinely radical: parents of young children with disability and developmental delay actively accepted responsibility for asserting their “natural authority” (Kendrick, 1995) in their partnerships with their child’s professionals and therapists. 

The parents contributed to and endorsed a position statement that articulated how the best partnerships and relationships develop between parents and professionals. Also – more importantly – the statement affirms our responsibilities as parents to “lean into” leadership in these partnerships. View the statement

Conference and Alumni activities Highlights

Launching a Peer-lead Family Network: A Social Innovation to Harness the Change Agency of Family Leadership

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