Plumtree Preschool is a community preschool located within Plumtree’s grounds in Marrickville. We are an inclusive preschool, with dedicated places for children with developmental delays and disabilities as well as places for children from the community.

Our preschool is open five days a week and has a total of 25 places for children. We focus on providing high quality and personalised care to all our children and have a high staff to child ratio, with one adult for every five children.

Our program is play-based and fosters each child’s love of learning. We have plenty of space, so children are able to explore and challenge themselves throughout their play while learning to work with their friends.

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Importantly, our Preschool is still open during COVID19 and we are following government advice closely while providing working families support that they need during this period.

A place for everyone

We are a community preschool for children 3 years to school age that celebrates diversity. Plumtree Preschool is a place where children of all abilities and cultural backgrounds learn together, support each other and begin to understand the value of inclusive communities.

Nurturing children

With 25 places and a 1:4 staff-to-child ratio, we can provide more individual support for a child’s needs and extend their skills, love of learning and curiosity. As a part of Plumtree Children’s services, our multidisciplinary team of early childhood development specialists is available for further support.

Children work toward their transition to primary school throughout the year with an individualised learning plan developed by parents and educators. We collaborate in partnership with clear and open communication to achieve a child’s goals together.

Inclusion benefits everybody

Communities are becoming more diverse. In an inclusive setting, we see children with and without disability celebrate each other’s successes and transcend communication barriers. For children without disabilities, these interactions set a strong social and emotional foundation for the future. Learning with neurotypical peers helps children with disabilities model social and other real-world skills to become active and valued community members.

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