What we do

Plumtree provides more than therapy. You will become part of a community with our team of professionals, parent peer workers and families passionate about creating a good life.

Therapy at Plumtree is not just one-on-one sessions with a child. Parents or carers participate and work with our professional team to achieve positive outcomes for the entire family. Our other services include free playgroups, workshops and resources to develop or enhance skills. Plumtree’s award-winning programs are evidence-based and renowned for innovation and achieving positive change.

Our services are delivered through Telepractice or face-to-face in your child’s natural environments. This can be at home, education settings such as prechool or school, and in the community.

Therapy Services

A suite of programs, designed to be bundled together to create a tailored package for your child and family

School & life

Individualised support for children up to 8 years to successfully transition to school, learn with their peers and become independent

Free Services

Playgroups for children and connecting families; workshops, informal groups and resources for developing skills and support


A place where children of all abilities and cultural backgrounds learn together and begin to understand the value of inclusive communities

Now & Next

Plumtree’s award-winning program where parents and carers learn skills for the entire family to thrive


Free or paid online courses that develop skills to champion diversity and inclusion


A collection of blogs, eBooks and other material with strategies and inspiration for children and their families

Community partnerships

Plumtree focuses on building connected communities. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our local community, including the council and its services, local businesses, residents and other groups. We are always open to new collaborations to ensure each child and family can live a full life in the community.

You can also contact Lifestart who is the NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention Partner for the Sydney region. Read more about accessing support through the ECEI Approach.

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