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Known as “Telehealth”or “Telepractice,” Plumtree now provides services via the phone or online. Early childhood intervention delivered online is well researched and already used successfully throughout Australia. As many of the families we work with have discovered, it is equally as effective as face-to-face services. Now you can access our support and expertise from anywhere with Plumtree online.

We are all in this together!

We have a rich experience to draw from. Plumtree has been holding sessions by phone or a free online video platform, such as Zoom, for the past few years. We are building on these experiences to offer a broader range of online services for you.

Your online video conference sessions will be very similar to your face-to-face sessions. If your child is present, we will try some strategies towards meeting your goals, talk about how this went and brainstorm ideas for next time. You can join your online session using your smartphone, tablet or computer. The benefits of online video conference are that you can:

  • show your key worker your child’s activities in real-time
  • upload videos of your child to your key worker before the session to discuss strategies
  • discuss how to adapt resources to your child’s needs
  • look at spaces in your home to brainstorm ideas for play
  • save on travel charges from your package.

If you prefer we can also do your sessions by telephone.

How does it work?

  • Your therapist or key worker will phone before your first online session to make sure you have all the information you need and plan what you will cover during the video conference
  • We recommend that the first session is only with the parent
  • You will work with your key worker to make an agenda for the following sessions, so they focus on what is most important to you
  • Most sessions will involve a mix of activity time with your child and parent-only time
  • You can plan this mix to suit your child and family
  • Some sessions might only be with you because there is a lot to talk about, or you do not want your child listening in. 

Setting an agenda

Your agenda is unique to you. It may involve topics such as:

  • successes and achievements of the past week – it’s more important than ever to celebrate these!
  • strategies for moving forward when something feels “stuck”
  • guiding your child’s behaviour at a particular time of day (such as mealtimes)
  • creating your family routine while everyone is at home
  • setting short-term goals and NDIS goals
  • if your child will join in the sessions, and if so, the way they will participate
  • changes in everyday life activities due to COVID-19 and activity resources.

What happens during the session?

Using Zoom, you and your therapist will work together as a partnership. The therapist may act as a guide while you physically deliver the therapy and observe and interact with your child where possible. We have already seen instances where children who didn’t engage well with face-to-face therapy became more engaged when using online technology.

Sessions are usually structured in the same way as face-to-face therapy sessions. They can include building your skills or gathering more information in areas such as behaviour, sensory, feeding and sleep. You and your therapist work together to develop strategies and goals for the future.

At Plumtree, most families have agreed to continue their program through Telehealth. They have been surprised at how easy and effective it is, and we encourage you to see how it can work for your family.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, Telehealth services present an opportunity to achieve positive outcomes for your child over the next few months. Let’s work together to make the most of this time. We understand that some families may be uncertain about online sessions. Contact us — we are here to talk further and share the very successful feedback received so far. If this does not work for you, we can discuss other options to help your child and family during this time. Plumtree is dedicated to ensuring everyone we support continues to access their early intervention program. Let’s work together to achieve your child’s NDIS goals.

Have questions about Telehealth at Plumtree? Read the FAQ or get in touch. Plumtree is here for you

Learn how Telepractice enabled more freedom and flexibility for one of the families we work with.

Zoom has enabled new password features to protect your privacy, so please watch the video for more information before joining meetings. Zoom also lets you set a background so that people can’t see what is behind you.

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