Telehealth: FAQ for Plumtree Online

Q: Will online sessions use my NDIS funds?
A: Yes, we will charge your NDIS funds at the usual rate, minus travel charges.

Q: Does a Zoom session use data?
A: Yes. If your mobile data is running low, you can switch from a video session to audio-only.

We recommend you use your Wi-Fi at home for sessions, as most home broadband plans have unlimited data. If your broadband data is limited, please discuss with your therapist/ key worker. 

Q: Can I use my NDIS funds to purchase technology or more data?
A: Yes — if you are self-managed and the data is for the purpose of working towards your NDIS goals, as it is reasonable and necessary. Talk to your staff member about what technology would be best for your child. See the NDIS Using your budget page for more information

Q: Can I go back to face-to-face sessions if I try online sessions and they don’t seem to work?
A: Plumtree will resume face-to-face sessions when we are advised by NSW Health guidelines that it is safe to do so. In the meantime, please talk through your concerns with your therapist. There may be changes they can make so that the sessions meet your needs.

The success of online services depends on a partnership between families and our team. Plumtree is here to work together with you to achieve your child and family goals. We are in this together!

Reach out to us

For more information about how to continue your services with Plumtree, talk with your Key Worker/Therapist or contact our Client Relationships Manager Elif Erdogan.

If you are not currently with Plumtree as your Registered Provider of Support but interested in talking to us about how we can work together with you, please contact Elif Erdogan. Plumtree provides services using a Key Worker model. 

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