Free Services

Therapy is only a part of a bigger picture for supporting children. If you have developmental concerns for your child or are on a waitlist for support, Plumtree’s free programs can get things started.

Families of children with a diagnosis will also benefit from new skills for a good life.

Visit our playgroups

Plumtree holds weekly online or face-to-face playgroups. Facilitated by our therapists, these fun and interactive sessions provide opportunities for your child to socialise with their peers and learn together. Parents can meet our team to discuss developmental concerns, explore Plumtree’s programs, and connect with other parents. 

Attend our workshops

Plumtree’s workshops and courses share knowledge on nurturing family relationships, making the most of your NDIS plan, toilet training, and more. They are facilitated by members of our therapy team, guest speakers or our trained parent peer workers, who are raising a child with a disability or delay. 

Relax at MyTime

MyTime is an informal group (online or Face to Face) for parents and carers of children who have a disability, chronic illness or developmental delay. It is facilitated by a trained parent peer worker and provides a casual setting for relaxing, sharing experiences and supporting each other

Learn at your pace

See our eLearning page for free or paid online courses. Currently, Libraries as Community Connectors contains strategies and resources for public libraries to be more welcoming for families of children with a disability or delay. Some resources are also suitable for parents and carers.

Explore our resources

See our collection of blogs, eBooks, strategies and tips that inspire.

As well as providing therapy and education, we are working on innovative projects for a more inclusive future. Sign up for our newsletter or join our Facebook community to keep up to date with our programs and learn more about what we’re doing.

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