Jehan has been working in the education industry since 2004. During this time, she has been an Assistant Educator, Early Childhood Teacher, Room Leader, Educational Leader, Assistant Director and Acting Director.

In terms of her teaching philosophy, she takes a play-based approach as she believes this is how children learn the best, as they are often more engaged in their learning if they enjoy what they are doing. As for her internal philosophy, she believes in Zoroastrian ideals of good words, good thoughts, and good deeds.

She is confident in her leadership abilities and appreciates that although she is in charge – taking ideas and feedback from others is key to quality leadership. She understands that the educators are the ones who are constantly on the floor and who have immense knowledge about the operations of the service and believes in enabling an open-door environment whereby her staff feel comfortable to express any issues, concerns, or ideas.

Qualification: Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Teaching & Bachelor Degree in Business Management

Additional Language: Kurdish & Arabic

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