Our growing collection of eBooks with videos on topics including support for developmental concerns and the benefits of play.

Support for Developmental Concerns

Tips from our team

The strategies and tips from our team in this eBook will help you get things started. They will talk about play activities, toilet training, developing language or movement skills, encouraging positive behaviour and connecting with other families.

We hope their insights inspire you.

Support for Developmental Concerns

An introduction to early childhood professionals

Many families have told us that they wanted reliable information on helping their child achieve positive developmental outcomes – especially when they first had developmental concerns or were at the early stage of navigating supports.

This eBook, developed by families for families, will introduce you to some professionals and peer workers. They will talk about the area they specialise in. Give examples of proven strategies to try and introduce you to some terms used in the field.

About Play

How children learn through play

Lots of things happen when children have fun. In fact, play is the foundation of how children learn and develop.

Developed by Plumtree’s early childhood teachers, About Play is a series on engaging with children during play for positive developmental outcomes.


A family guide and resource

The Telepractice – a family guide and resource ebook is a practical resource for achieving positive outcomes for children and the entire family during the COVID pandemic—and beyond.

A collection of videos by parents of children with disabilities, professionals and peer workers provides insights on enhancing communication, literacy, video modelling techniques and other strategies.

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