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29 October 2018

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Families as peer workers in early childhood intervention

Sylvana Mahmic (CEO) and Dr Melanie Heyworth (Peer Worker) tell the story of Now and Next, a project that has been successful at involving families as peer workers in early childhood intervention.

Sylvana Mahmic on… ECEI and the role of families

We’re starting the year off right by speaking with the CEO of Plumtree, Sylvana Mahmic on the importance of reframing the roles and relationships for successful intervention in early childhood.

Media Release

22 April 2021
New program aims to boost library experiences for children with a disability

Sylvana Mahmic (CEO) and Dr. Melanie Heyworth (A pilot project which aims to help parents of children with a disability have an improved experience at libraries has begun in New South Wales. Community-based organisation “Plumtree Children’s Services” is collaborating with libraries to increase accessibility.



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