Achieving a good life by self-managing your funding

Brenton is a sportsman, coach and surfer. He has a paid job in a local gym. When he was born the doctor told his mum Lisa Ashford-Potter, not to expect anything but she says, “Lucky I ignored him”. 

Lisa Ashford-Potter and her son Brenton gave an uplifting and informative keynote presentation at the first Now and Next conference in Sydney 2017. This by families for families event brought families together to share ideas about creating positive futures for their children who are neurodiverse or have disabilities.

Lisa and Brenton shared strategies of how their family utilized Brenton’s strengths and gifts, to build a good life for him. “Go with your passion and choose staff who share your interests,” says Brenton about self-managing his NDIS funding. 

Lisa dreamed big for the future, and then translated Brenton’s dreams into his lived reality. She advised families to introduce their children to lots of new experiences. “Give every new thing at try- six times! This will help your young child to really experience it by giving it a fair go.”

Brenton’s story as a disabled adult gave conference participants permission to vision for their own young child’s future. Says one father, “We were inspired, encouraged, and gladdened by the fullness of life that this man – supported by his family – has achieved”.

In his film Living a Good Life, Brenton shows that a life of inclusion in the community is possible through focusing on his strengths, building on his interests and choosing the workers he wants to be with. Above all says Lisa, “Go where the welcome is!” and find the people in your community that will help you with achieving your vision for a good life.

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