Global recognition for Australian peer to peer parenting program

The Australian-developed, Now and Next™ peer to peer program has taken centre stage as part of the International Initiative for Disability Leadership Conference (IIDL) in Washington DC this week. The IIDL conference is a leading platform in the disability space and delivers global recognition for the quality and impact of this ground-breaking program.

The award-winning Now and Next™ program will be presented as a case study in parent to peer leadership. The presentation will highlight the positive impact that empowering a parent or carer of a child with a disability can bring to the family as a whole.

Now and Next™ was developed in 2013 by Sylvana Mahmic (CEO of Plumtree,) and Dr Annick Janson (Research Director).

“Three years on we are proud to see Now and Next™ have impact on families, gain momentum globally and are excited to see Now & Next facilitated through partner organisations in three continents,” said CEO Sylvana Mahmic. “IIDL provides a wonderful platform to share our findings and gives Now and Next™ further global exposure. As mothers of adult sons with disabilities Annick and I believed in the necessity and the difference it could make to families and it is wonderful to see the program come to fruition.”

The Now and Next™ peer to peer program helps parents of children with a disability, delay or neurodivergence develop skills to achieve positive outcomes for their child, family and self. Since the program’s formation it has helped over 450 families navigating these all-important years with clarity, confidence and purpose.

About the IIDL:

The IIDL conference brings together global high-level leaders within their own national disability sectors for rapid knowledge exchange with the purpose to create a global network and facilitate change to common challenges. It will be held in Washington D.C. from September 9th to September 13th. More information can be found at their website

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