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Our therapy programs are part of a bigger picture. Plumtree’s free services foster a community of support for families to get things started.

Plumtree’s free playgroups and workshops in 2018-2019 helped inform parents, connect them and get things going for the future.

Playing and Learning 

Our drop-in playgroups helped babies to preschool-aged children develop skills for socialising, following routines, having fun, and more. Playgroups are facilitated by a team comprising a Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapists and an Early Childhood Teacher. 

Our other free workshops include social skills development, toilet training, transition to school, and empowering talks for parents of children with autism. Workshops are also held in other languages to inform and connect families. Our playgroups and workshops help parents build communities, and provide opportunities to discuss matters and explore Plumtree programs with our skilled, passionate staff.

“Thank you for being brave and making us think about something so sensitive in such a positive way” 

Connecting to the NDIS

The NDIS is a new start in disability support and completely rolled out across Australia in 2019. Plumtree’s suite of NDIS workshops educate parents on getting prepared and joining the scheme. Topics include using an e-book developed in-house to gather information for the first planning meeting. Activating a plan, choosing service providers and strategies to get a great plan were explored. Making a child’s funds go further via self-management, and discovering what’s possible with the different management types were also covered.

“The facilitator has ridiculously huge amount of knowledge about the NDIS. My understanding (of the NDIS)  is definitively higher after this workshop”

Creating a Vision

Developed by Plumtree, Pictability is a new tool to create a vision and plan positive outcomes for the entire family. A gamified experience that puts the family in charge, it is entirely different from the planning process for joining the NDIS. Workshop attendees receive a Pictability kit and learn to prioritise three goals and identify practical steps towards achieving them through a fun, visual experience.

Pictability is a practical 1.5 hours workshop during which participants will learn to:

  • Create a positive vision for themselves and their child
  • Prioritise their goals
  • Receive valuable take-home resources, including their own personal Pictability kit
  • Connect with other parents on a similar journey.

“When we first asked to think of a visn for our child, we didn’t know what it meant or where to start, Pictability was ingenious and helped us with visioning and setting goals in a very natural way”

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