How to manage your NDIS funding package

There are three different ways that you can manage your child’s NDIS funding and it’s important to understand each of these so that you can make the decision that is right for your child and family.

  • Firstly, Self-managed: You manage all financial, recruitment and administration of your plan. You pay support providers directly and the NDIA reimburses you.
  • Secondly Plan management Provider: You engage another organisation to undertake the financial and administrative responsibilities for you.
  • Thirdly, Agency-managed: The NDIA makes payments directly to the service providers you choose.

You can also choose a combination of these three options.

To help you decide which of these is best for your family, here is some more information:


  • Self-management gives you maximum flexibility, choice and control
  • You can use providers and suppliers who are not registered with the NDIS and this may give you increased flexibility
  • You claim back the costs from the NDIA
  • You are responsible for managing all the finances, paperwork and staff matters
  • You choose the workers
  • You will have a separate bank account for these funds and you may be audited

Plan management provider

  • This option is very similar to self-managed without the financial and admin responsibility including paperwork and record keeping
  • You pay for someone to do the finances and admin but this Plan Manager has to be registered with the NDIA
  • With this option you can use providers and suppliers who are not registered with the NDIS and this may give you increase flexibility
  • You can choose your workers but the plan manager can assist you with hiring and paying staff


  • This option requires the least input from you
  • You can choose your service providers however, they must be registered with the NDIA.
  • Because of this, you may not have as much flexibility as the other two options
  • You don’t handle payments

You choose which way you would like to manage your plan at your First Plan meeting. Later, you can always change your mind and if that option is not suiting your needs.

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