Looking to add a Therapy Assistant to your child’s team?

Here are 5 quick facts to help you understand the role of a Therapy Assistant at Plumtree:

1. Who is a Therapy Assistant?

Therapy assistants are people trained by qualified therapists to help put strategies in place to help you meet your child’s goals. They may still be studying at a University, have experience working in early childhood education or be a parent of a child with a disability.

2. What does a Therapy Assistant do?

A Therapy Assistant is a trained person who provides intensive services to implement the recommendations of your Plumtree Therapist/Key Worker. They work alongside your Therapist/Key Worker, supporting your child to build their skills as they work towards reaching their NDIS goals.

3. When do I get a Therapy Assistant involved?

Sometimes your child might need more intense and frequent service to achieve their goal.  If you and your Therapist/Key Worker identify this need then you may agree to include a Therapy Assistant as part of your team. Together with your Therapist/Key Worker, you can make a plan for a Therapy Assistant to support the goals for your child. Your Therapy Assistant works under the supervision of your Therapist/Key Worker.

4. Where should the Therapy Assistant work with my child?

This will depend on the goals for your child. A natural setting for your child is ideal, such as your home, early childhood centre, school, out of hours school care or anywhere else in the community. Please keep in mind that a parent, carer or teacher must always be present during the session.

5. What happens to the Therapist/Key Worker if I have a Therapy Assistant?

Therapy Assistants do not work independently from your Therapist/Key Worker, as they work together as a team. Your Therapist/Key Worker will still visit and support your child.  They will have joint sessions with the Therapy Assistant from time to time. During these joint sessions, the Therapy Assistant and Therapist/Key Worker will check on progress, demonstrate new strategies or make changes to the program if needed, in consultation with you.

For more information on Therapy Assistants at Plumtree talk to your Therapist/Key Worker.

See our Therapist Assistant Infographic

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