Pictability reaches a milestone

It’s been a fantastic journey since we co-designed our first version of Pictability in 2015. We wanted to create a new tool for parents to set a vision for their child, family and self.

By December 2019, over 1,000 international participants comprising professionals and families have used this innovative vision and goal-setting experience. We have also trained 66 Pictability facilitators across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In the beginning, we had a bunch of toys and a printed mat that we carried to families in a bag. Now, each family receives their own printed Pictability kit so they can review their child and family priorities in the future.

Your child’s strengths are the key

Starting with a child’s strengths is a powerful and important step. Some families have found this easy; others needed some help to identify them.

It’s been wonderful to see families thinking, sorting, prioritising and writing down goals.

Someone asks you about your goals, and you think: ‘My goodness, where do I start?’ With the [Pictability] cards, you look at them and get ideas. Everyone gets something different out of them. We came up with ideas that we might not have even thought of ourselves. The cards fast-tracked our thinking.” 

Pictability guides participants to discover and choose goals for their child, the whole family and themselves. It also helps families to understand that there is a lot they can do themselves—and get started straight away.

Beginning with Pictability

At Plumtree, we have redesigned our initial visit process: families now use Pictability to set a vision and goals right from the start. It is a practical and creative experience that gives families the time to slow down, think about the bigger picture, and identify long term and short term goals that will guide their partnership with us.

When we were first asked to think of a vision for our child, we didn’t know what it meant or where to start. Pictability was ingenious and helped us with visioning and setting goals in a very natural way.’

Pictability uses evidence from the fields of positive psychology, family-centred practice and gamification to create an interactive experience. You can read more about this here.

Would you like to try Pictability? If you are with Plumtree, talk to your Key Worker about organising a session. For other inquiries, send us an email info@plumtree.org.au

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