Reframing Disability and Reframing Autism launched!

Plumtree is delighted to have officially launched two new Disabled Person Family Led organisations at the 2019 Now and Next Family Conference.

We have long believed and invested in, building the capabilities of families who have a child with disability or developmental delay. For the next 12 months, we will auspice these two new organisations, and they will be completely independent from Plumtree in mid-2020.
When families come to Plumtree, we aim to provide information, support and connections. However, our measure of success is when families no longer need us. We believe that these two new organisations will help families on their way, beyond Plumtree, as they continue to create a future of possibilities for their child and whole family.
Reframing Disability is a family-led organisation for families of young children with delay or disability. It aims to change the experience of families from the earliest possible point so that they can build the best life for their child. They do this through shifting perceptions of disability; recognising children’s strengths; setting a vision of the future; supporting belonging in the community, and empowering families through knowledge and connection.
Reframing Autism is an organisation run by and for Autistic people, their families and allies. It is dedicated to creating a world in which the Autistic community is supported to achieve genuine acceptance, inclusion and active citizenship. Reframing Autism celebrates and nurtures neurodivergences, Autistic identity, and Autistic culture.
We encourage you to join these two organisations by following these links where you can subscribe for further information: Reframing Autism, Reframing Disability

Plumtree wishes every success to these two new organisations as they reframe the views of families and the broader community into the future.

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