Surviving the wet fish moment

How do you answer difficult questions from stranger’s about your child?

Stephanie Wacker knows that when you have a child with a disability or developmental delay you may face moments in time that can be extremely hard to navigate. Stephanie’s analogy that these are like being hit in the face with a wet fish, will definitely ring true with some families.  How do you survive embarrassment, anger or hurt in public places when out and about with your child? It could a meltdown; a sudden question from a stranger; or an instance when you realise your child is different and unique to the children around them.

Stephanie’s  Now & Next conference presentation provides you with guidance to deal with the wild cards you are sometimes thrown, by learning to respond to the situation through embracing it, rather than reacting. Stephanie provides valuable insights and strategies to deal with complex situations and suggests that as parents you can learn to catch your breath, flip the situation to your child’s benefit and then cope with what comes your way.

Stephanie Wacker is a mother to two amazing children and works as an Early Intervention Teacher at Mackenzie Centre in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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