5 Ways to a Calm Festive Season with Children

The festive season can be overwhelming for children. Here are 5 simple strategies for keeping them, and you, calm and happy. 

1 Read Books/Watch Movies about Festivities

Sharing visuals and stories with children allows them to build an understanding of the celebrations. Discuss activity ideas and possible consequences before coming up with an action plan together.

2 Alternate the Festivities with Quiet Time/Routine

Alternating activities with quiet time allows children to calm down in between. Mixing the activities with routine allows predictability as children can anticipate the next activity on the agenda.

3 Create Quiet Area/Room or Bring Calming Item/Bag

Having a quiet area or room allows children to step away when they need some space for themselves. Bringing their comfort items and having them within reach will help you and your child cope with anything the festivities may bring.

4 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

You can never be too prepared, so ask as many questions before you go anywhere. Be sure to pack all necessities you can think of such as extra food, clothing, items, etc.

5 It’s Alright to Say NO

You know your family best and don’t feel obliged to attend every activity. Sometimes the best festive season can be celebrated in the comforts of your own home surrounded by the people you love.

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