From little acorns, mighty oaks grow

Dr Pippa Murray believes that becoming a mighty oak is not about age, it is not about having disabilities. It’s about teaching our children and teaching ourselves how to navigate a world that is often difficult. With the right support, anything is possible.

Pippa’s presentation explores the ways parents can shape the lives of their children, whatever their needs.  Pippa shares inspirational stories and real-life examples of young people with disabilities living their fantastic lives to the fullest.  Her video covers family life, the gifts children bring, meeting the needs of siblings and the importance of listening to our children – however, they might communicate.

Dr. Pippa Murray was one of the international keynote speakers at the 2018 Now & Next Alumni conference is an internationally respected parent, social innovator and writer. She is working to transform the education system and support available for disabled children and their families to create happy and fulfilling lives.

Learn more about the social enterprise IBK that Dr Pippa Murray founded.

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To watch Pippa Murray’s presentation:

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