Fostering your Child’s Self-Advocacy Skills

Dr Melanie Heyworth knows first hand that self-advocacy is grounded in knowledge, leads to empowerment and results in personal autonomy. In relation to children, it means that they are confident enough to know their own needs and communicate those needs to their families and communities. To help the next generation learn and utilise their self-advocacy skills, parents and carers must allow room for children to take control of their own needs and preferences.

Melanie’s presentation guides you to embrace your child’s self-advocacy and gives you practical ideas to encourage and support them as they start to accept this new found responsibility. This practical session provides tips about taking the first steps to foster your child’s self-advocacy skills regardless of their age or capability.

Dr Melanie Heyworth is a peer facilitator at Plumtree in Sydney and a mother of three boys.  Melanie has completed a postgraduate study in Autism and has a special interest in autism acceptance and in promoting the neurodiversity movement.

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