Last Minute Checklist for Getting Ready for School

It’s never too late. Here are some last minute things you may want to check off the list for you and your child to prepare for this schooling year:

1. School Uniform

Wash new uniforms and remove tags to make them soft and more comfortable for children. Label all uniform including sports clothes so it’s easily identifiable.

2. Lunchbox, Bottle & Bag

Consider a user-friendly lunchbox that will be easy for your child to open. If you are using a new lunch box, allow your child to familiarise themselves with how to open and close the box. If the lunchbox goes into a bag, show your child where to put it and get them to try it out a few times for themselves. Don’t forget to label your lunch box, bottle and bag.

3. School Supplies

If the school has provided a list of what you need to provide then follow the list. Alternatively, you would need basic supplies such as pencil, eraser, ruler, scissors, glue, sharpener and a notepad.

4. Talk about the Circle of Trust

Remind your child of the network of people that are safe for them to speak to if they have any questions, troubles or worries. Assure them that somebody will be able to help them.

5. Talk about Scenarios and Build an Action Plan

Speak to your child about possible scenarios they may face when they go back to school. Some scenarios require an action plan so, build a plan together. When it gets to the school day, remind your child of the action plan and their circle of trust that will support them through any adversities.

6. Talk Positively about the School, Teachers and Friends

Building a positive outlook will help your child gain confidence and create a positive outlook when facing any new environment. Starting school or coming back to school after a long holiday can always be a tough transition but armed with a positive outlook, this transition can be made easy.

7. Ask, Ask & Ask

No question is ever too small. Every time you think of a question, write it down or ask someone as everyone will be happy to support you and your child through their journey in school

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