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‘The 2nd Now and Next Alumni conference is a ‘by families for families’ event which provides us with the opportunity to reinvigorate our vision, challenge our thinking, and be informed to create a better future for our children, our families and ourselves.’

On the 30th June, 2018 Plumtree held the 2nd annual Now & Next Alumni Conference. The conference included over 15 presentations with keynote speakers from all corners of the globe.  The conference highlighted the rich contribution that a like-minded community can create that in turn inspires families of children with a disability or developmental delay to reach for the stars.

Now and Next is a groundbreaking 8-week program delivered by parents for parents that has been co-created by Sylvana Mahmic Plumtree CEO and Dr Annick Janson who is an associate at the Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.  This award-winning program has been developed using the evidence on positive psychology, family leadership, gamification and overriding emphasis on embracing family centred practices. Importantly, this is the program Sylvana and Annick wished they had when their sons were little children.

Now & Next is proudly incubated by Plumtree

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