8 top NDIS tips

Self-managing or plan managing your NDIS package gives you greater flexibility to reach your goals using your funding.

It’s not hard to self-manage but if you want the flexibility, without the administrative responsibility, then plan managing is for you.

Sam Paior from The Growing Space believes almost no one should be agency managed and her workshops provide a wealth of information to support you to get the best value out of your package.

Here are some top tips we picked up from Sam’s workshops at Plumtree:

  • Become familiar with The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the NDIS Act and be prepared to use these in your planning meeting.
  • Check your plan details are correct each time and cross-check with your portal details
  • Go to your planning meeting with all the important points on paper. Give it to your planner at the meeting. Keep this to less than 5 pages.\
  • Keep records of the documents you give to your planner. Don’t give an original – always keep a copy!
  • Group your bills together if they are in one category when you make your payment claims to save time on administration. You can do this by recording the date of the first invoice then the last invoice in the payment request
  • Write the NDIS claim number on each invoice in case of an audit
  • If you have asked for a review keep spending while you are waiting for the review
  • If you are a parent of a child with a delay or disability make sure you include a goal in your child’s NDIS plan that relates to building your knowledge. Training for parents is important as building your understanding to help your child is a great value and is an effective way to achieve positive outcomes for your child

For more resources, join The Growing Space for hundreds of articles, written with words that make sense. The fee can be claimed from your NDIS package if you are plan or self-managed from your core or capacity funding.


NDIS Guide to Self Management

NDIS Act 2013

NDIS Rules

NDIS Operational guidelines

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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