The best is yet to come

In September 2018 Plumtree hosted a 2-day workshop facilitated by Dr Michael Kendrick that presented new ideas for capacity building for families navigating the Early Childhood Intervention stage.  The workshop highlighted the strength in nurturing family leadership and also created a blueprint for change within the ECI sector to support families as their leadership goes from strength to strength.

Participants in the 2-day workshop:

  • Discussed the role of families and service providers in nurturing family leadership.
  • Identified the need to promote new approaches in ECI and to expand these innovations with integrity.
  • Documented next steps to further new approaches state-wide, nationally, and internationally.

Plumtree is excited to be incubating new approaches to support family and peer leadership in the community. We continue to invest in our peer team and programs as this movement gains momentum on a global stage.

Dr Michael Kendrick is an internationally recognised educator, advocate, consultant and author.

You can read our overview of this event here: Building family leadership internationally in Early Childhood Intervention

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