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Nicole Buffoni was a self-confessed hurried woman who felt guilty, anxious and overwhelmed by the therapy schedule she was trying to upkeep for her four-year-old son.

Nicole constantly felt that she couldn’t do all the therapy that she needed to do in order to achieve the best outcomes for her son. As a result, her family was surviving, not thriving.  By changing her mindset to think of herself as a marathon runner and not a sprinter, Nicole realised the value of pacing herself. She decided to extend her son’s team to include a therapy assistant and the whole family has never looked back.

Nicole, a Peer Worker at Plumtree, shared her experience of including her therapy assistant Lizzie in her son Harry’s team and how it has helped them to reach their goals.  Nicole describes Lizzie’s role and the amazing youthful energy that she brings to her son’s world. She shares some important tips if you are keen to learn more.  Nicole is no longer overwhelmed but relishing being Harry’s mum and is an amazing manager of his team.

You can view Nicole’s resource on employing a therapy assistant here:

Please note as of 1 July 2019 the NDIS Price Guide has changed. Therapy assistants can now only be employed by a therapist who will also provide training and supervision for their work with your child.

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