Promoting the voice of children in education & inclusive education

Dr Pippa Murray strongly believes that it is always possible to find a voice for your child, regardless of the challenges your son or daughter is facing. As parents it is our job to join the dots and help facilitate our child’s communication, as this is an important first step, for our children to grow and live ordinary resilient lives.

Dr Pippa Murray’s interactive workshop explores how powerful our children’s voices can be.  It looks at the many different ways that children with a disability or developmental delay communicate, and it helps to explore useful tools that help others understand and appreciate the unique communication capabilities of each individual child.  Pippa also discusses the delicate task of putting aside our wishes and opinions as parents when helping others understand our children, so we genuinely invest in the process of creating space for our children to develop their own unique voice.

Dr Pippa Murray was an international keynote speaker at the 2018 Now & Next Alumni conference and is an internationally respected parent, social innovator and writer. She is working to transform the education system and the supports available for disabled children and their families to create happy and fulfilling lives.

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