Family agency is the foundation of your child’s future

“When our whole family is thriving our child thrives too” – Sylvana Mahmic

In her opening address Sylvana Mahmic Plumtree CEO and co-creator of the Now and Next program highlights that as parents we know our children better than anyone and we want the very best for their future.  By taking the time and investing in our own abilities and learning from other families on a similar path we can only build a positive foundation for our children’s future. The Now & Next Alumni conference reflects the value of learning from your peers to create a community that is stronger, together.

Sylvana Mahmic is the CEO of Plumtree and an advocate for early childhood intervention and self-management. She has served on over 15 reference and advisory groups in addition to five Ministerial appointments including membership of the Disability Council NSW.

Ms Mahmic is treasurer of Early Childhood Intervention Australia NSW, Member of the Access Advisory Group NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, member of the NSW Family and Community Services Multicultural Advisory Group and Board member of Diversity Disability Alliance.

Now & Next is proudly incubated by Plumtree

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