Thinking creatively on ways of using NDIS funding

Jacqui Godwin didn’t know what was possible when she set out to increase her daughter Sophies’ communication, however, by creatively using her NDIS funding, she is amazed at how far and fast her daughter’s language has developed.

Early in 2017, Jacqui put a goal in place for her daughter to learn 50 keyword signs in the coming 12 months and set out to coordinate her daughters learning environments so that everyone was on the same page.  Jacqui then used part of her NDIS plan to run training workshops through Keyword Sign NSW to educate her daughter’s immediate family, friends and daycare teachers so that they could also start to use keyword signs with her daughter.  The results were nothing short of amazing, not only did Jacqui’s daughter learn over 100 keyword signs, she started forming sentences and attempting speech as well and most importantly her happy daughter sparkled even more with her new found skills.

Have a read at Sophie’s keyword sign story in Jacqui’s words

Jacqui Godwin is a Peer Worker at Plumtree and is currently completing a PhD thesis in Chinese Studies at Sydney University and has taught Chinese Studies at the University of New South Wales and Sydney University. 

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