Lego Together

Developing social and communication skills with friends at home, at school or early childhood centre

Lego Together is an evidence-based social skills program for school-aged children (4-8 years old) which promotes social interaction, turn-taking skills, sharing and collaborative problem-solving.

We run this group with your child’s friends, classmates or family members to build relationships with the important people around them.

We offer Lego Together in your child’s natural, everyday environments with peers that they know. Your child will be the focus, but other participating children can also benefit and have fun. We can help you to identify the right people to invite so that together we build this individualised program around your child.

Lego Together program can run:

  • In your home. You will invite two other children to join each session – they can be siblings, cousins or friends. After the program finishes, your therapist or teacher can continue to assist you to maintain your child’s new skills and build on enduring relationships.
  • In your child’s school or Early Childhood setting. The teachers will decide which other children would join in. They will seek permission from the parents of these children. Our staff liaise with teachers about where and when to run the sessions. The program would run as a partnership between Plumtree, the educational setting and you, the family.

Please note that this program will only be available to families who receive therapy and/or educational services from Plumtree and have a Service Agreement with us.

For more information talk to your Plumtree therapist or key worker.

“Our speech therapist ran the Lego Together group at home for my son and his 2 siblings. It was incredible! It provided my children with opportunities to practice taking turns and socialise through play. The structured approach of the group also provided me with ideas, so that now I am able to continue to follow through with the strategies at home. My son’s school is going to host the group and will invite his classmates to join in so that he can create new and build on existing friendships.”   -parent

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