Who is your child’s greatest teacher?

From the moment a child is born, they will start their learning journey through the smallest moments of everyday life.  Parents and carers are undoubtedly the biggest learning influence that a child will have in those crucial early developmental years.  Learning doesn’t have to take place in a therapy space, school room or with a professional, as parents, we can create moments of learning every day no matter how small the window of opportunity.

7 ideas to promote learning for your child 

  1. Create opportunities to learn in every day with games such as peek-a-boo as you fold the laundry, matching shoes in pairs by the front door or simply by reading to your child every day.
  2. When out and about take the time to talk about the world that you live in, be it your street, suburb or city and remember that trucks, and garbage bins or aeroplanes can be fascinating viewing for our little adventurers.
  3. Involve your children in everyday family life whether it be in the kitchen, garden or at the shops. Allowing children to be active members of the family will help them over time to develop valuable skills for life.
  4. Create space for children to play and be led by what your children are interested in, undoubtedly you will be your child’s favourite playmate.
  5. Join a playgroup, library or head to the park.  Community activities are fun ways to meet new parents and carers too and being surrounded by their peers will help your children learn.
  6. Embrace messy play – head to a dollar store and stock up on cheap and cheerful craft supplies and paints and then have the mop and vacuum at the ready when the playtime is over.
  7. Share music and rhymes with your child and sing, they will love your voice even if you feel you are singing out of key.

The above simple daily activities create endless learning moments whilst still fitting into busy everyday family life.

You are probably already doing some or all of these, maybe others too.  We would love to hear how you create learning moments with your children and the activities that you love to do together. Tell us about them in the comments below.

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