Not Invisible Anymore

Actor and screenwriter Audrey O’Connor is inspiring people with disability to have a voice and make a difference through cinema.

People living with disability have amazing stories to tell. For Audrey O’Connor, taking up photography with her dad’s camera as a child began a creative journey that led to the world of filmmaking.

She is the writer and actor of See Me, a short film based on her experience as a high school student with Down Syndrome. It is produced by Bus Stop Films, an accessible and inclusive film making and film studies provider which advocate and produce award-winning features. Over half of the actors and eleven staff involved with scripting the feature live with a disability.

In Not Invisible Anymore, an interview for the 2020 Family Conference, Audrey talks about her childhood, school experiences and creative passion.

Involved with Bus Stop Films for ten years, she discusses its amazing creative community and her past and future projects. Audrey believes that more people with disabilities should be represented in cinema.

“We have our own stories to tell. We want to be seen and heard.”

Audrey’s love of creativity, acting and filmmaking is an inspiration. Her story reframes disability and celebrates the possibilities of following one’s dreams.

Watch the interview and the lovely and insightful introduction from Deb, Peer Worker

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