Using the home environment to enhance online therapy

Using the home environment to enhance online therapy

Telehealth, such as online therapy, is the new normal, but did you know it enables new opportunities to support a child’s development?

Sessions don’t always have to happen at a desk. Occupational therapists can observe your home environment and suggest using it for fun activities. It can be a game-changer for the sessions. Here are a few ideas:

Upcycling household supplies

Creatively using items around the house like toilet paper rolls, clothes pegs, coins and cardboard boxes can really add to your list of therapy resources. Repurposing them is easy, and cheap!

Using vertical surfaces

Don’t have a whiteboard or magnet board? Windows, doors, fridges and even shower screens can be used to develop shoulder stability, pencil grip and core strength. Window light, for example, can also brighten up some activities and make them more engaging and dynamic [include picture from blog post].

Using furniture for tummy games

Games while lying on the tummy under chairs, tables or beds can support sensory integration (processing and responding to information from our five senses) and strengthen posture muscles.

Going outside

Depending on your mobile device data plan or home wifi coverage, you can use a front or back yard as a sensory playground of grass and leaves during the session.

Have you tried these in your Telehealth sessions? Let us know or discuss some ideas with your Key Worker for the next session!


This blog post was adapted from Jessica Lee’s blog.

Jessica Lee is an occupational therapist at Plumtree. You can find more tips on her Instagram blog jessthanperfect_ot


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