Connecting with your child through photography

Encourage your child to express themselves with PhotoVoice... and have fun! For families of children with developmental concerns, delay or disability up to 12 years old. Facilitated by trained parent-peer workers.


Hanen More Than Words • Orientation session

More Than Words™ — The Hanen Program® for Parents of young Autistic children aged 6 and under, who may benefit from social communication support

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Supporting your child’s communication development

Gain insights into the skills your child needs to develop for successful communication. For families of children aged 2-6 years old with developmental concerns, delays or disability.


Pictability Facilitator Training

Become a Pictability™ facilitator and support families to set a vision for their child, family and self with this awarding-winning, internationally acclaimed visioning tool that will inform your family-centred approach


Special Disability Trusts

A conversation with lawyer James Kelly about planning to make financial provisions for your child's future care. Families of children with physical and/or intellectual disability who will require permanent ongoing care to ensure their well-being and assistance with bodily functions they can't manage independently.


Strengthening Community-based services under the NDIS

Join us in discussion about Foundational support. For Board Members or management committee members overseeing community-based, not-for-profit organizations offering early intervention or early childhood education in NSW, VIC, or the ACT in the ECI Best-Practice Network.


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